Hi neighbor!

We are your bridge to your neighborhood favorite stores. We bring you what you need. Let us take care of you while you take care of your home.

We stand together as a community. We rise as a community. We protect each other as a community.

2-2-Bee, 2-2-long sa pag-unlad.



Hygiene and Wellness



Backyard Fresh

Proudly Homemade


Home Essentials




From our local palengke to carinderia to first-time sellers.
Your suki is now within reach of your fingertips.

2-2-Bee Customer

Open the app and tap away.

Next? Just relax and carry on with what you are doing.

We’ll be back to you shortly.

Now there is another lovely reason — YOU.

How to be a 2-2-Bee
2-2-Bee Rider

Not just any rider. They are our very own caring neighbors.

Bringing you the goods - with a wide smile that shows a lot of respect and gratitude.

Now there is another lovely reason — YOU.

How to be a 2-2-Bee
2-2-Bee Merchant

Behind every product, we bring you our deepest passion. Our very best. Our family pride.

It is the reason we rise up in the morning.

Now there is another lovely reason —

How to be a 2-2-Bee


Imagine buying your food quickly, peacefully and safely. No more sweltering heat. No elbow rubbing. No waste of time. Just order and have it delivered in the comforts of your home. Experience safe and convenient palengke shopping. Now, you can do more meaningful things at home.

Have you discovered the best adobo yet? The secret and not so secret best local dishes your town is known for? Some of the best recipes are not from the biggest restaurants -- they are from around the corner, and we will help you discover them. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin your journey of gastronomic discovery.

Need first line of defense against viruses, germs, or bacteria? Or, dare we say, the most fearsome covid-19? Fret not, with just a few 2-2-Bee taps and our merchants are getting ready to send your health armor to you. Stay at home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Grocery shopping used to mean going through ailes and ailes of confusing arrangements. It also means spending around 1 hour in the supermarket, plus more time for travel and parking. Seriously, at this age, shouldn’t there be an easier way? Well, your wishes are answered. Finally. Mundane tasks are now accomplished in a few minutes instead of a few hours. Yes, this is the definition of progress.

Ah! Nothing brings more joy than giving joy. Nothing brings more excitement than a sweet surprise. How can one resist bringing gifts? Now there is an easier way to show them you care and they are in your thoughts. If that is not love, I don’t know what it is.

Looking for your favorite merchant but cannot find at our merchant list? No worries, our friendly rider can still buy you what you need. Top notch concierge service at your disposal!

Need to get somewhere? But it’s raining! Or you are tired and cannot walk properly. You need transportation service to pick you up from your doorstep and bring you to your destination. In pronto. Then call your ever reliable 2-2-Bee ride. Rapido.

The best service is home service. Bring them to you. Enjoy the service. A wide variety of services at your disposal. That is true modern living.

Nothing beats home grown produce: Vegetables, Fruits, Poultry, and Livestock. The truest definition of farm to table. Everything raised with tender loving care. Personally handpicked for the most discerning customers.

Transform your house into a home. Bring in color, texture, comfort, style, convenience, and modern technology. We have what you need in different forms and sizes that will suit your budget.

Family heirloom. Secret recipe. Special process. Passed on from several generations of proud, picky, meticulous moms to daughters, fathers to sons. Whispering in secrets as they concoct artisan quality products that can never be replicated by machines or factories. You will never go back to mass-produced products ever again.

Don’t you wish you have an extra pair of hands and feet so you can do more, bring more, and be at different places at the same time? That’s right, 2-2-Bee is your extension. Your extra pair of hands, your extra legs. Bringing you what you need, when you need it most.


2-2-long sa pag-unlad

What’s behind our name?

In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly (tutubi) symbolizes transformation, adaptability, happiness, new beginnings and change for many centuries. To us, it translates to hope, change, and love for our community.

Other than that? We are also proudly pinoy.