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How can I be 2-2-Bee Rider?
To start your great experience with 2-2-Bee , please create an account by following these steps:
  1. Download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App store
  2. Tap New User? Create your 2-2-Bee account
  3. Fill-out the form with the necessary information
  4. Tap Sign Up
  5. Enter the Verification Code that will be sent to your registered number
  6. Select Rider as your default Profile
  7. Select your mode of transportation
  8. Enter your driving permit and license (except for bicycle, electric scooter, and pedicab)
  9. Tap Upload your Driver's License
  10. Tap Select Photo or Take Photo to upload your license
  11. Tap Continue
  12. Change if you wish to upload a different photo of your license
  13. Tap Continue to complete your Customer Profile
  14. Tap the Camera icon to upload your photo
  15. Tap Select Photo or Take Selfie to upload your photo
  16. Tap Continue
Where can I deliver?

As of now, 2-2-Bee delivers within Bulacan. Very soon, we will expand to other municipalities and provinces.

What is the minimum system requirement to use the app?
For seamless experience on the app, you must have at least:
Android version: 6.0 Marshmallow
Storage: 200 MB
Can a customer change their order?

For easier transactions, changes in orders after confirmation are prohibited. We highly encourage customers to review their basket before confirming their orders.

Can a customer cancel their order?

To help improve the service experience of all users, the cancellation of orders is prohibited. Once the merchant confirmed the availability of the customer's items, it will be automatically assigned to rider's like you for delivery.

Wil I be able to accept rides if I don't have enough pocket money? Can I start with delivery to accumulate initial capital first?

Definitely! You have the option to accept rides for Hatid only. To do this, simply tap on the Hatid icon to enable, and if you're ready to accept Pabili rides, just tap on the service. However, it is possible that you may receive less transactions if you are limited to delivery transactions only.

What are the services that I can cater as rider?

You can cater to the following services: Hatid, Pabili, and Sakay. The availability of the services varies based on your default vehicle.

Is there a minimum for my Pabili Amount Limit?

To make it more convenient, we allow riders to set their own Pabili limit based on their own budget. Afterall, this is your business! You can set your budget freely.

What if a customer is a no show?

We strive to avoid this to happen, but if in rare cases it did, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service.

Are riders insured?

We treat each rider as a partner of 2-2-Bee and not as an employee. At this point, there is no available insurance for riders, but we will look into this in the future.

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down while on my way to deliver the goods to the customer (ie; flat tire)?

We understand that situation like this happens unexpectedly and if it did, our Customer Service can help you with the arrangements.

Do you have angkas service with 2-2-Bee?

Angkas is not yet added on our services but we look forward to have it listed in the future. For now, we prioritize everyone's needs and safety during this pandemic

What happens if the customer suddenly cancels order after placing them? Who pays for the order?
As much as possible, we will not encourage customers to cancel transactions after placing order. All orders once placed is considered final. We're also working on to include the use of non-cash payments as protection to riders.
How to enable the services?
Simply tap the icon to enable service as per your preference:

Colored icons = service enabled

Grayed out icons = service disabled/ unavailable

How to set my Pabili Limit?
To set your pabili amount limit based on your budget, simply:
  1. Login to your 2-2-Bee account.
  2. Tap the Change icon beside the Pabili Amount Llimit field.
  3. Enter your budget amount.
  4. Tap Update
How do I begin accepting rides?
To start your exciting journey as a 2-2-Bee rider, all you have to do is:
  1. Login to your 2-2-Bee account
  2. Set your Pabili budget (if you want to receive Pabili orders).
  3. Enable the services you want to receive for the day by tapping the icons.
  4. Tap Start accepting rides at the bottom of the page
How can I check my previous rides?
You can check your ride history for the past 7 days by:
  1. Logging in to your 2-2-Bee account
  2. Tap the Ride History icon
How can I check my rides today?
To monitor your rides for the day, all you have to do is:

Login to your 2-2-Bee account

Tap Rides Today icon

Are there documents needed for the registration of merchants?
Register at 2-2-Bee, make sure to complete all info (Full Name, Correct Address valid license, and OR/CR).
Can a rider use the vehicle registered under the name of a member of the family who lives with him in the same household?
Yes, provided the rider presents documentation allowing the relative to use the vehicle.
What about pending OR/CR?
Yes, provided the rider presents receipt that the OR/CR is pending. Temporary approval will be given until OR/CR is available.
Can a rider register a vehicle in 2 categories (i.e. motorcycle and tricycle)?
No. The initially registered vehicle will be permanent. Take note that different vehicles have different weight capacities. We are also transparent to our customers. Note that the delivery charge depends on the type of vehicle.
Will the riders continue to receive transactions even at night? What if the rider does not want to receive transactions anymore?
You got nothing to worry about as we made sure that the app is as flexible as you. Thus, you were given the option to accept rides after every completed transaction.